Why Should You Call Us?

I really couldn’t tell ya. Maybe the question is why NOT call us? We’re an award winning, local company, with tons of happy reviews. We aren’t some huge corporate company based somewhere else. You can come on down to the office and say high if you’d like. A click or call won’t cost you a thing, and it won’t take more than 10 minutes unless you have a lot of questions which we’re happy to answer.

Mat Trenchard – Husband, Superdad, and House Buyer (tell me that’s not the most handsome kid ever??? Proud Dad moment).

Mat has years of experience buying houses, renovating houses, and also renting them. He LOVES solving real estate issues, the more complex the better. His family is the reason he works so hard. Everything is for them. When he’s not at work, he’s watching Paw Patrol or travelling with his wife, or playing costumes with his son.

He left the Big 4 accounting world and dove into real estate head first. Senna House Buyers is the “Anti Corporate” house buying company. We believe in making an impact while having fun at the same time. If you need a suit and tie house buyer, we probably aren’t the fit for you. If you want a down to earth group to work with, give us a buzz.

Our team of experts is waiting to see how they can help YOU! We hire on values and train skills. This means that no one is on our team that doesn’t have the desire for world class customer service and delivering a truly exceptional experience. If you’re looking to sell your house FAST, look no further.

Our Team of Rockstars!

Lucy Hooper – Operations Manager aka Team Mom aka The Swiss Army Knife aka…you get it. She does A LOT!

As the Operations Manager, Lucy oversees all daily operations ensuring solutions and rewarding results for all customers, investors, and employees. She will be your point of contact during what we call the “Transactions Process”. She’s the liaison between you and the title company. Lucy graduated from Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, OK with a degree in Mass Communication. Outside of the office, she enjoys spending time with her children and husband, keeping up to date on all things Houston sports, and trying out new recipes in the kitchen.

Miles Moscariello – Lead Manager aka The Phenom aka The Young Gun

Miles is often the first person you talk to if you call our company. We will all end up working for him one day. He’s currently working full time at Senna House Buyers while studying full time as a student at the University of Houston for a Financial Real Estate degree. He is very excited to speak to you and make sure we are the right fit for you. He enjoys music, learning about real estate, and helping others.

Nick Zagorski – Acquisitions Manager aka ….. not sure. We don’t have one for Nick yet but WE’RE OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS!

Nick graduated from the University of Texas-Austin (Hook Em!) with a degree in English Literature. He has an extensive background in Sales most recently with Unifirst. He is very passionate about helping solve problems with customers and connecting on a human to human level. An old soul, Nick enjoys time with his dog Sadie, live music, and a strong cup of coffee.

Chris Johnson – Acquisitions Manager aka El Machina aka The Original

After a long career in Corporate IT, Chris shifted to Real Estate. For 3 years he ran his own house buying business with one of those huge franchises you’ve seen. We can’t name names, but you’ve surely seen their billboards. Yes. That one. Realizing that he’d rather focus on just buying houses and helping people, he joined the team at Senna. Chris enjoys the finer things in life, Diet Mountain Dew and Whataburger, but who doesn’t. Am I right? When he’s not helping you sell your house, he’s spending time with his wife, kids, and grandchildren.

Our Core Values

We mentioned before about hiring for values, but you might be wondering what those values are. We’re happy to share them. You see for us, we think it doesn’t matter how well someone can do a job if they don’t believe in operating with the same integrity as everyone else. These are more than words on a wall. These Values guide our decisions, we train on them, we hire on them, we give raises on them, etc.

  • Make An Impact – We want to make a positive impact in the lives of everyone we work with. This includes our customers, team members, families, and community.
  • Extreme Ownership – Taken from the book with the same title, we believe in not just taking ownership of our own roles, but every experience around ourselves. If our client is not having a world class experience, it’s our fault. Period. When we take this level of accountability, we can take positive change as opposed to blaming something outside our control.
  • Team First – We operate as a high performing team. There is no such thing as “It’s not my job” in our company. If a team member or client needs help, we help regardless of “who’s job” it is.
  • Radical Candor – Taken from another favorite book of ours, this encompasses how we communicate. We don’t sugar coat things to make someone feel better, but instead deliver the message factually while caring empathetically for the human we are communicating with. We don’t degrade, we don’t berate, but we are honest and helpful.
  • Lifetime Learning – We understand that we are not perfect, but that does not prevent us from striving towards that goal. There are always things we can be learning to better serve our customers. Every team member has an annual “Learning” budget paid by the company.
  • Have Fun – What is the point in working with customers and team members if you aren’t trying to have fun? This doesn’t mean we don’t work hard, because we absolutely do, but it just doesn’t feel as much like work when you’re having fun doing it.

Before you leave, understand something about this industry:

There’s a lot of bad actors out there. Many of them have all the words and slick one liners in the world. Do not be one of the stories that calls us after they’ve been deceived by another house buyer. At a MINIMUM you should look for the following;

We promise you this: We will treat you fairly, we will do what we say, we will never overpromise, and we will make sure you are taken care of.

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